Project header for the Antumbra Typeface. White text that's spells "ANTUMBRA" is intertwined with branches of a tree.

Antumbra—A Modern Sans Typeface

Antumbra is a modern-geometric display typeface with variable widths between many of its’ letters. Variability is prevalent in condensed forms of capital letters like “B” and “G.” The goal was to create rigid and proportional letterforms that, with variable changes in width, can look condensed and is easy to read without stop-gaps of distraction.

Antumbra is inspired by typefaces such as, Century Gothic Pro, ITC Avant Garde, and PT Futura; a thin display to pair with a weighty counterpart.

 Antumbra, as a project, was designed over four months. It started in late 2020 and finished in early 2021. Antumbra serves its purpose as a thin display type.

Antumbra Typeface

Cover image of the Antumbra Typeface Project. A Modern sans with one font weight.
An image of a vinyl record next to copy using the Antumbra Typeface.
An image of uppercase and lowercase latin A through Z of the Antumbra Typeface.
An image of a downward spiral staircase with copy using Antumbra that says, "Keep pushing ahead of the path, it'll clear up soon enough."
An image of the numbers and punctuation contained in the Antumbra Typeface.
An image of soda packaging entirely using the Antumbra Typeface.
An image featuring the extensive multilingual letter support that the Antumbra Typeface contains.
An image of a book cover using the Antumbra Typeface, sitting atop a rock.
An image of the various other glyphs contained within the Antumbra Typeface, totaling 211 glyphs.
An image of the ending title screen for the Antumbra Typeface, the text reads "An end for now."