Project header for The Development of Photography Infographic on a parchment texture.

The Development of
Photography Infographhic

The “Development of Photography” is an infographic about the timeline, techniques, and history of photography, dating back from 500 BCE to the current day in 2022.

The target audience of this project are people who have an interest in photography or who wish to learn its history.

This project required intense research from multiple sources to effectively convey some of the most important dates and events of the history of photography. With research being the first step, next came the mindful organization of all the data acquired to structure an easy-to-follow timeline of events. A grid was heavily used in the development of this infographic, with the subtle three-column layout. Color choices are cream, red, and black. For typography, the fonts used were Gwyn Gothic Heavy, Degular Thin & Medium, and IvyPresto Display Thin Italic, they were key to contrast against each other. Consistency and uniformity were imperative to create a well thought-out user experience for viewers of this infographic. The graphic elements and principal choices convey friendliness and are inviting to view the information behind it.


An infographic about the development and historical timeline of photography starting from 1,500 BCE, to 2022.