Project header for the Antumbra Typeface. White text that's spells "ANTUMBRA" is intertwined with branches of a tree.

Wildfire Association PSA

A serious issue that affects us today are wildfires, they’ve increasingly become worse year after year due to climate change. 90% of the Wildfires in America are caused by people. Resulting in the loss of wildlife ecosystems, vegetation, and even human life.*

I wanted to send a powerful message in a single image where the intent could be easily understood with a limited amount of information and from afar. The colors wrap up the uniformity of the composition and the typography evenly completes the layout.

The matches allude to some of the causes of these fires. Many occur naturally, but some happen through the carelessness of a person.

The second poster in this series shows a tree amid burning, and an encroaching fire upon the rest of the forest. The matches are the aftermath, but this is the beginning. The green hues in this series represent nature, and the dark, gray tones represent ruin and scorched earth.

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PSA Posters

An image of the ending title screen for the Antumbra Typeface, the text reads "An end for now."

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